3 Easy & Creative Ways To Gift Wrap A Wine Bottle

Gift Wrap A Wine Bottle

Many of us may think twice before purchasing a wine bottle as a gift for our loved ones. Although it is a classy option on the list and the bottle adds a certain sense of luxury to the day, the idea to get a wine bottle is often considered “lazy.” Gifting may not always be as fun when getting a bottle of wine because it may not suit the mood of every occasion. Alcohol may seem a bit lackluster as a concept for a gift, but it indeed adds a unique aroma and taste to the events of the day.

Dressing the bottles up will make the occasions more special, and the gift would contribute to the milieu on a different level than you had expected it to. You have a long list of options to select from. Let us look at some of the easiest and most creative ways to gift wrap a wine bottle.

1. Dress Up Your Wine

Dress Up Your Wine

This may sound absurd to those who are new to the concept of designing styles for clothes used by inanimate objects. Some even consider clothing for pets as a gaudy addition to compassion. Dressing up your bottle of wine is one great way of giving your dear one some natural taste wrapped in joy. If you are buying the bottle for a Christmas party, a little Santa-type hat and sweater will go well with the colors and celebrations of the day. The holiday season always has certain other colors to choose from, and you can select from the different hues available in the market. Get some additional cloth or paper to blend it with the main wrapping.

2. Wrap the Bottle in a Towel


Wrap Bottle Towel

You are not advised to place the bottle in the huge towels for an aesthetic appeal. A tea towel is an attractive piece of cloth you can purchase from the market. It is one of the cutest ways to wrap your bottle. Fold the towel in half over the wine, keep the bottle vertically upright, and fold the sheet up the right and left sides. You can then gather the top fabric with a ribbon. Tie it in the most elegant way possible to make the bottle look beautiful.

3. Ornamental Decorations

Ornamental Decorations

One of the best ways to give two gifts in one is by decorating the bottle with ornaments. A bow or ribbon on the bottle will add another layer of beauty to the day, as the colors blend in with the happiness and decorations of the party. Matching the color of the wine to your decorations may not always be easy; try getting clothes and papers that go well with the color of the wine. There couldn’t possibly be a better way to decorate the bottle than the small pieces of glitters and fluffy clothes. Get started with the adornments as soon as you reach home.

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